Smart Switch (Zigbee)

Zigbee Hub Required for Connection

App Installation

 Outsmart® app allows user to have all controls in one single app.  

  • Search for Outsmart in Google store or Apple store and download it
  • Register an account with us. Grant all access to notification, location, wifi and bluetooth for seamless connectivity
  • Ensure Bluetooth and Wifi is turned on and mobile phone is connected to home Wi-Fi 2.4ghz only
  • Most smart home products only works with Wi-Fi 2.4ghz,if you are using a combined router, kindly contact your telecom provider for guidance on how to turn off Wifi 5ghz

Installation Precautions


Tools Required

Capacitor installation is optional, and can be found in every package

if home owner does not have neutral wire.

wiring up the capacitor can be really helpful for stabilising the electricity current, prolong the lifespan of the switch, and also reducing issue such as flickering, inconsistent operation, fluctuations in power etc.

Note that: Capacitors have a limited lifespan, and their performance can degrade over time. Regular maintenance and potential replacement of the capacitor may be necessary to ensure continued operation of the smart switch. This additional maintenance can be an inconvenience for user without neutral wiring.

Flat screw to pry open the switch from underneath

A test pen to check on electricity 

Product Set Up

Most of the houses in Asia doesn’t have neutral wires, therefore Outsmart Zigbee Switches is capable to work with Neutral wire or Non Neutral wire,  refer to the 3 diagram below.

Wiring of capacitor will definitely help to improve the performance and also prolong the lifespan of the Zigbee switches. It is highly recommended although you dont need to. Wiring the capacitor is easy, simply put it between to live and neutral wire of the first light fixture that is wired to the first gang switch, note that capacitor have their lifespan too. 

example: if user has 10 downlights wired on first gang, user has to identify which is the first light bulb that the L1 reaches, then wire the capacitor on the first bulb

Video tutorial on wiring of capacitor (optional but recommended)

Once wires are all in place and capacitor is wired up. 
(either way works, Non-polarized capacitors are capacitors without positive or negative polarity)

Power up the circuit breaker ensure that wall switch can now be manually controlled. 
(If lights still flickers, capacitor could be loose or capacitor is not on the first light)

Reset Switch / Enter Paring Mode

To reset the switch and enter into pairing mode, long press the first gang/button for 10 seconds,  indicator light will start flashing, 
If there are more than 1 Zigbee device to pair into the app, you may reset all at once, and Zigbee hub will automatically search and connect devices that are within reachable range within 5 mins.

Ensure Outsmart Zigbee Hub is Connected Successfully

A Outsmart Zigbee hub is required in order to use Outsmart Zigbee products.

Connect Device

  • Tap open Outsmart Zigbee Hub on home screen
  •  Tap Add New Devices
  • Ensure Zigbee Product are all in pairing mode
  • App will auto discover the product that are within range, otherwise, reset the product again
  • Rename each individual device to better identify in Outsmart app. 

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  •  Zigbee Hub is unable to located my switch
  •  As zigbee hub connectivity is similar to Wifi connectivity, it is likely that your switch may be too far to reach 
  • Product indicator light is not blinking.
  • Long press the first gang for 10s, try it multiple times
  • Light is flickering
  • Lights that are not 10watts will flicker if user don’t wire up capacitor, suggest to wire up or change to a higher wattage
  • Can I leave the last light switch empty without any output?
  • Yes you can, as long as the first switch is powered up by a Live wire, the second or third switch can be empty and be used as a scene switch to turn on Aircon, TV, smart plug, note that you would require other smart devices to do that.
  • Can the switch be used for fan?
  • Yes, since August 2023, all our Wall Switches are upgraded, and it can work with Ceiling Fan, Laundry Rack Etc, Suggest to wire up at the last gang, if home owners do not have neutral wiring at home

App Function

Set Automation​

Smart home is all about automation and allowing your home to have its own schedule.
“switch on a light when its raining”
“turn off phone charger after 2 hours”
“turn on the air conditioner every Friday 9pm”​

Set Scene​

Smart Scene allows you to be just a click away from anything.
It helps you to switch off the air conditioner in living room to wall switch in toilet to
computer in your room, with just one click.
Every user love the “Come Home Scene and Leave Home Scene”
It definitely helps to improve your way of living.​

Voice Assistance ​

What is Smart Home without controlling it with your voice?
Outsmart app is well integrated with authorized partners like Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Share it

Sharing device made easy with our app.
You can share it with anyone who downloaded Outsmart app.