Smart RF + IR Universal Remote (433mhz + 315mhz + Infrared)

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Smart RF + IR Universal Remote (433mhz + 315mhz + Infrared)

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• Connect via Wifi 2.4 Ghz only, no hub required

• Control anywhere, even when you are overseas

• RF (Radio Frequency) is mostly used on ceiling fans, curtain, blinds (433mhz or 315mhz)

• 360°Wide Coverage

• Support DIY function to manual learning

• Voice control via Google home, Amazon Alexa and Siri Shortcuts

• Create smart scene

• Create automation

• Set Timer & Schedule

20 reviews for Smart RF + IR Universal Remote (433mhz + 315mhz + Infrared)

  1. slashmylove

    Delivery faster than expected. The most helpful sellers I’ve met. As the usage deactivated my original remote, I asked seller at an ungodly time and he replied. He kept it in mind and when he had a better solution, he updated me.

  2. darylnsim

    received in good condition. used and easy to setup. Outsmart was helpful in troubleshooting an issue. will be buying more.

  3. q*****3

    Item works well with my samsung tv, daikin aircon and fanco ceiling fan. Works well with my google home. Thanks outsmart

  4. lilo73

    Item received in good condition. Items works well Outsmart was helpful in assisting with the setup.

  5. j*****h

    Extremely small in size which is great. Feels flimsy though. Overall very easy setup and I love the function to automate my aircon and fans with a single press. Very satisfied!

  6. p*****a

    It works with my aircon. Super easy to connect to it. For my ceiling fan/light, it is RF so it is not really accurate. overall im super satisfied

  7. e*****c

    Delivery was prompt and item is well received. I have successfully linked it with my Daikin remote and control it through Google home. Yet to figure out how to link it through Siri Shortcuts tho. Happy with the purchase and hope it lasts so I can look forward to buy more.

  8. preownedgadgets

    These Wi-Fi controlled smart devices are using Outsmart app. App syncing for controls is simple, no hub required.

  9. d*****2

    Received in good condition. Fast Delivery. Received item 1 day after placing order. Works well with my IR and RF devices.

  10. a*****0

    Good stuff! I was able to control all my rf ceiling fans, and the range is quite good too for rf. Recommended!!

  11. k*****x

    Great and easy to set up with my Prism TV and my Mitsubishi Air Con. Will worth it. Take note that the set up with my Prism TV is only for the Standby- on-off mode, the rest still need your TV remote, this is a common issue that is seen with other brands too.

  12. l*****s

    Both RF and IR works well and much better range than a previous IR controller I had. Links well with google home but would recommend smart life app instead of outsmart app for better integration.

  13. pmtamayo22

    Yet to try the product but my housemate has it and it is amazing! Ordered the smart light bulbs before so I can say this product is really nice and is more affordable than others. Thank you so much!

  14. akulasoemu

    Received in 4 days. Fast delivery. Third time purchase. One of my bulbs from previous purchase got issue, Outsmart prompt in helping with the issue. Highly recommended. Thanks Outsmart!

  15. jovanyeo14

    No issue to control tv or aircon but only thru the apps.. no chance for bigger scale integration..

  16. c*****s

    Small and lightweight, easily hidden from view. Everything can be controlled in your usual smart device app or its own brand app.

  17. xinuex

    Delivery was prompt. Easily detected and linked with my gateway. Able to detect and control my IR and RF devices. IR works well with Google assistant. Was only unable to get RF Fan remote working with Google Assistant. IR (TV, Set-top Box, Aircon) works well with Google Assistant.

  18. s*****m

    Worked perfectly after pairing to Outsmart App. Can control my Aircon temperature while I’m still on the train. or can switch off my Aircon remotely outside.

  19. joelhlk

    managed to pair with my RF remote for my zip track. awesome product! thanks outsmart!

  20. d*****n

    Very good can on my light, fan, air conditioner and TV. setting up a bit hard.

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