Smart Camera (Wi-fi)

App Installation

 Outsmart® app allows user to have all controls in one single app.  

  • Search for Outsmart in Google store or Apple store and download it
  • Register an account with us. Grant all access to notification, location, wifi and bluetooth for seamless connectivity
  • Ensure Bluetooth and Wifi is turned on and mobile phone is connected to home Wi-Fi 2.4ghz only
  • Most smart home products only works with Wi-Fi 2.4ghz,if you are using a combined router, kindly contact your telecom provider for guidance on how to turn off Wifi 5ghz

Activate Device

Connect the device to a 2A output USB plug, and power on.

Rotate camera lens vertically 90 degree upwards you will find the SD card slot and reset button located underneath 

Device Pairing

1. Pick up the USB Cable and plug into a power point and also the smart camera
2. Power on and wait for 30 seconds, while camera starts to rotate around
3. When you hear a prompt, proceed to use camera to scan mobile phone QR code.

Should you not hear any prompt within 30s,
Long press the reset button for 10 seconds and release, the device will be reset and is ready to be paired

  • Tap on the top right (+) button, then Add Device
  • Select Camera and Lock Tab
  • Select Smart Camera (Wi-Fi)

you will heard a prompt when scanning of QR code is successful then tap on ” I Heard a Prompt” 
Now, you are all connected!

Important Setting:

Tap open camera setting on the top right corner of the screen

Tap into basic function setting, 

Turn on two-way talk under Talk Mode

Turn on Detection alarm if required

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  •  I can’t connect the product, it gets timed out.
  •  Ensure phone is connected to 2.4ghz wifi only, ensure wifi password is accurate and product position is not too far from router
  • I cant scan the QR Code, the QR code is not responsive. 
  • Ensure you have removed the protective film that is on the lens, screen brightness to be 100% and hold still the camera around 15cm distance away from the screen. 

App Function

Set Automation​

Smart home is all about automation and allowing your home to have its own schedule.
“switch on a light when its raining”
“turn off phone charger after 2 hours”
“turn on the air conditioner every Friday 9pm”​

Set Scene​

Smart Scene allows you to be just a click away from anything.
It helps you to switch off the air conditioner in living room to wall switch in toilet to
computer in your room, with just one click.
Every user love the “Come Home Scene and Leave Home Scene”
It definitely helps to improve your way of living.​

Share it

Sharing device made easy with our app.
You can share it with anyone who downloaded Outsmart app.