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20 reviews for Smart Curtain Robot

  1. hanbaobaosg

    Tested, works well with my curtain rod and comes with 3 hanger to choose. Outsmart is helpful!

  2. kzx0912

    Fast delivery, good customer support from outsmart, good product and easy to set up.

  3. rivacloud

    Very friendly and knowledgeable customer service, both motor and gateway is easy to setup with Outsmart app.

  4. jayteet

    Delivered in 2 days, work well with Outsmart app. But, Bot design could be slightly better for traction in addition to modifications required for certain types of curtains (such as mine) to facilitate smoother travel. Overall is good.

  5. irisgeelee

    Yeah! Thanks Seller for having so much patience to guide me to install my Smart Curtain Robot. Highly recommended. 👍🏻

  6. azzurries

    the curtain robot works, and the app syncs well with this, alongside the other products. needs some slight work to make it work with Google assistant, which I’ve yet to fully grapple with. one point of consideration though, is the charging of the device regularly. If you have a high ceiling like mine, and having to pull out the ladder once every few weeks, it can be quite a hassle for some people

  7. attlx98

    Product worth it’s price. Able to routine with Google home perfectly. Customer service was super helpful in troubleshooting my initial problem. Perhaps a picture instructional booklet would be better.

  8. joe_amg

    Fast delivery, Need to use the Bluetooth hub that comes together with bots for voice control. No alert when battery is low. Overall is great. Hope battery can last.

  9. n*****z

    Item is in good condition. As usual, the delivery time is very fast. Initially my curtain rail is very near the windows grille which unable to install the robot. After re do the curtain rail by my Curtain installer, everything works like a charm. Setting up to handphone, Bluetooth Gateway and to Google home is very easy for me as the instruction is very clear.

  10. Lance L.

    setting up is a bit tedious, you need to connect using Bluetooth first to the device then u have to turn off your phone Bluetooth to allow the hub to connect to the motor in order to use Google assistant to control..but once set up its fine

  11. s*****i

    Delivery time is quite fast. Tested and it works like a charm. After a few adjustments to my curtain rod it open and closes smoothly.

  12. lim Y.

    delivery was ok. took a while to set up. manual doesn’t tell you which is left or right. also needed to update the software. but once I got it to work, it was great.

  13. T***.

    Received in good condition within a few days. At first I was unable to make two motors to work together. After failing to understand through texting with Outsmart, he video called me to guide me n it worked! The 3 steps installation were to function the motor in 3 ways as n when u like. I do not have google home, so I skip that. Both motors need to charge overnight by USB cables given. Two extra sticks given per box.

  14. M***I

    Motor works as advertised!! 4 kind of controlling methods. Remote, app, voice, timer&schedule. Impressed Outsmart helpful, and even did up a step by step video to guide me on installation, very dedicated seller!

  15. ericpang1177

    Item received in good conditions, work smoothly with the curtain in my home, customer service was great too. thank u outsmart😍👍

  16. s*****c

    Bought two motor from seller for 2 diff track. Easy connection like 2 min? Motor very hardy. Soft motor sound when moving the track. Able to open close curtain by google. Good buy.

  17. hh.lok

    Outsmart was helpful. Managed to connect to Outsmart app. Abit tricky at first but use for awhile okay already . Google home can move the motor

  18. Desmond H.

    safe and fast delivery. it works with bluetooth, but the mesh gateway does not work, so unable to remotely control. the other downside is the app only allow 3 position open, close and ajar. cannot adjust the ajar position, also no manual control of open close and stop.

  19. fieryspirit1

    A tad noisy during operation but otherwise works smoothly, once the app setup works that is. but works a treat after that. Integrates properly with Google Assistant

  20. Lau W.

    Item received in good condition. Did take sometime to understand and figure it out and it works. Was able to link with Google home and now it’s voice activated to open and close the curtain. Good buy.

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